B Corporations - B corporations are corporations that commit to social responsibility in their articles of incorporation, diminishing the purported responsibility to only optimize 'shareholders' profits. Numerous states are looking at statutes to support B corporations. This is the place to stay up on the movement and the companies, including Michigan's own Cascade Engineering (see below).

BALLE - Business Alliance for Local Living Economies is the home of the 'go local' business movement. Nearly 80 communities and 22,000 local businesses in North America  are tied to this network. Great source of entrepreneurial efforts. National Conference to be held in Grand Rapids, May 2012!

Ethical Markets - This effort was initiated by Hazel Henderson who has kick-started a number of substantial efforts to help us 'rethink' our economic system towards sustainability over four decades. Hazel is internationally known and connected with  efforts to shift towards more sustainable business models.

Forum for the Future - Co-founded by Jonathan Porritt and Sara Parkin, this UK-centered effort is now more engaged with US and others providing research and case studies focused on sustainable business and education. Their monthly magazine, Green Futures, is worth a subscription in either paper or electronic version.

Sustainable Business.Com - A connector to information on green jobs, sustainable investing, business-to-business connections, etc.

Cascade Engineering - Arguably our region's most sustainable business and only Michigan certfied 'B' Corporation. Fred Keller is working on all fronts to show that you can be a highly successful company and help all stakeholders flourish.

GreenBiz - One of the oldest and most active websites is particularly good at sharing news of what's going on in the green business world of both large and small companies. It has a daily update you can subscribe to.